This is a list of quick pointers to the main topics in the blog.

Orchestration and DevOps

The Elastic Cloud Project (4 posts) - Orchestration of a 3 tier application on 3 hypervisors, with Openstack and Cisco ACI, later ported to UCS Director + Openstack

DevOps (4 posts) - Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for both applications and infrastructure

Data Center automation and SDN

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) - starting with a ACI for Simple Minds post.

Data Center automation and UCS Director - how to invoke a workflow via REST API 

How to create a (Hello World) service end to end in Cisco ONE ECS

Cloud Computing

Openstack - What Cisco is doing in this area: plugins and innovation

Docker, Containers and Microservices - part 1 and part 2

Governance in the Hybrid Cloud – definition and implementation

Become a cloud provider in 3 months  - the story of a real, brilliant project

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